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Why aren't file upload fields available in "cloud hosted" editions of MIDAS?

Note: This article applies to MIDAS v4.07 or later

MIDAS v4.07 introduced a new type of custom booking field which allows users to select a file from their computer and upload & attach it to bookings.

The ability to upload/attach files and documents to bookings is only available in "self hosted" editions of MIDAS v4.07 or later. If your MIDAS is remotely hosted by us in the "cloud", this functionality will not be available to you.

So why isn't this feature available for my "cloud hosted" MIDAS?

There are a number of reasons why we've taken the decision not to allow file uploads to our servers...
Essentially, it's because we're not running a file storage/hosting service.
From a purely practical point of view, the amount of storage space and bandwidth required to store physical files (attachments) with bookings for all our hosted customers would mean significant increases in running costs, and as we believe in fair and competitive pricing for our software, we wouldn't wish to pass on additional costs to our "hosted" customers.
Secondly, the ability for users to upload and store files on our servers is open to abuse - i.e. illegal/copyrighted content could be uploaded and stored on our servers.

For these reasons, the ability to upload and attach files and documents to bookings is only available to our self-hosted customers - where MIDAS runs on their own servers and infrastructure and so any files/documents attached would be uploaded to their own servers.

My MIDAS is hosted by you and I want to be able to attach files/documents to bookings - what can I do?

If your MIDAS is hosted by us in the "cloud" and you'd like to be able to attach documents to your bookings, you'd need to first upload your files elsewhere (i.e. your own web server or a file hosting service i.e. Dropbox, OneDrive, etc), and then use a custom URL field in MIDAS to link your uploaded files to your bookings.

Alternatively, you can always migrate your remotely hosted system to a self hosted edition at any time, which would then allow you to upload and attach files directly to your bookings.

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