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How to transfer a database from a "cloud" or "trial" edition of MIDAS to a "self-hosted" installation

This article applies if, either;
A) You have been privately "trialing" MIDAS on our servers during a dedicated "trial" setup for you, and have decided to go ahead and purchase a "self-hosted" edition, and wish to import data previously entered during your "trial" period, or
B) You are an existing customer with a "cloud hosted" edition of MIDAS and wish to change to a "self hosted" option.

In order to import data from a cloud-hosted or "trial" system into your new "self-hosted" system, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please contact us to obtain an export of your "cloud hosted" or "trial" database1 2
  2. Install MIDAS onto your own web server3
  3. Once MIDAS has been successfully installed on your server, login to your MySQL server, and locate the MySQL database that is used by your MIDAS - you could use a tool such as phpMyAdmin to do this.
  4. Import the MySQL data contained in the database export provided by us into this database, replacing the current data there (phpMyAdmin has an easy import function which will allow you to directly import the .sql database file we will supply)
  5. Your MIDAS MySQL database will then contain all the data from your "hosted"/"trial" edition of MIDAS!4

1. Data will only be released to the purchaser or "primary contact" or for your MIDAS "trial", or "cloud hosted" edition
2. If you are requesting data from your "trial", you would need to purchase MIDAS, and request your data before your trial period expires. Once your trial period has expired, your data will not be kept indefinitely, and will be automatically wiped from our servers as new trials are setup for other potential new customers
3. Please contact us if you require a download link to the self-hosted installer.
4. After importing data, any user accounts created during the initial install of MIDAS on your own server will be replaced by those user accounts from your "cloud hosted"/"trial" database

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