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I can't connect to my cloud hosted MIDAS

If your MIDAS is remotely hosted by us in the "cloud" and you are ever unable to access it at any particular time, please check our dedicated Service Status page and Twitter Feed (@mid_as) in the first instance.

In the extremely rare event where unforeseen issues arise with our systems and infrastructure, we will endeavor to provide regular status updates on the situation via these mediums

Therefore, if you're ever unable to access your cloud hosted MIDAS, our Service Status page and Twitter Feed should always be your first ports of call.

Planned maintenance events will also be announced in advance on our Service Status page and Twitter feed wherever possible.

If there are no recent Service Status updates on our Twitter Feed, and no issues reported on our Service Status page, it's possible that either A) it's a local problem at your end rather than a problem with our servers, B) the problem has only just arisen and our Service Status page has yet to update.

You can determine for yourself whether it's a local problem for you, or whether your MIDAS is inaccessible for everyone, by using a website such as www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com or downoruprightnow.com

If such monitoring sites show that your cloud hosted MIDAS URL is currently "online/up", then there is likely to be a local network issue at your end which is preventing you from accessing your MIDAS. Please check with your IT/Network Administrator.

If your MIDAS URL is shown by these monitoring sites as being "offline/down", please be patient - our systems and infrastructure are constantly monitored, our dedicated Service Status page is both automatically and manually updated, and as soon as we have any additional information to convey we will do so on our Service Status page and/or via our Twitter Feed.

If your MIDAS remains inaccessible for an extended period, you've checked that it's not a local problem (as described above), and there are still no updates on our Twitter Feed, and our Service Status page reports no issues, then please do contact us.

After you've contacted us, do continue to keep your eye on both our Service Status page and Twitter Feed for further updates. If the problem you've reported is affecting a number of hosted customers, or our email systems, we may be unable to reply to individual emails as quickly as we can provide updates to all customers via our feed and Service Status page.

If you're concerned about the possibility of downtime, you may be interested in our Emergency Access Addon for your MIDAS which will allow you to access a real-time backup of your MIDAS system during any such periods of inaccessibility.

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