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Will MIDAS permit double-booking?

Whilst it's not possible to book the same space at the same time to more than one client, we appreciate that there are certain circumstances in which you would like to "double book" a venue - for example, if you allow two different booking possibilities for a space i.e. a "Confirmed" and a "Provisional" or "Reserve" booking. Alternatively, if you have a large sports hall for example that can be sub-divided to allow more than one activity/booking to take place in that venue at the same time.

The solution is to simply create additional venues.

For example, taking the above example of allowing a "Confirmed" and a "Reserve" booking to occupy the same venue, let's call it "Room 1".

Rather than adding a single "Room 1" venue to MIDAS, instead add a "Room 1 (Confirmed)" and a "Room 1 (Reserve)" venue. You would then be able to add your "confirmed" booking to the "Room 1 (Confirmed)" venue, and you'd also be able a second "reserve" booking at the same time to "Room 1 (Provisional)".

MIDAS allows you to "filter" which venues are shown in the booking grid, so you could then easily create two different venue groups, "Confirmed" and "Reserved" and assign your venues to each group as appropriate. You would then be able to switch between viewing just your "Confirmed" venues, your "Provisional" venues, or all venues.

As MIDAS also allows you to "drag and drop" bookings around the booking grid, should a session in "Room 1 (Confirmed)" be cancelled or a no-show, it would be very simple to move a booking from "Room 1 (Reserve)" across to "Room 1 (Confirmed)"

If we take a second example of a sports hall that can either be booked as a single whole hall, or two half halls, you could add this venue as two separate venues, let's say "Sports Hall (Court A)" and "Sports Hall (Court B)". If a client requires Court B only, their booking can be added to your "Sports Hall (Court B)" venue. If a client requires the entire sports hall, when adding the booking you'd simply select both "Sports Hall (Court A)" and "Sports Hall (Court B)" and their booking will be added to both i.e. they will have booked the entire sports hall.
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