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How to relocate MIDAS to a new server

If you need to transfer your MIDAS scheduling software system to a new server, it's a relatively straight forward four step process:
Step 2: Check your new server is ready for MIDAS
First ensure that you new server meets the server requirements for running MIDAS.
It's also advisable to run our "Server Readiness" tool on your new system first, as this will help you identify whether any required Perl modules are missing, which will need to be installed first in order for MIDAS to function correctly on your new server.

Step 2: Move your MIDAS MySQL database(s)
If your MySQL server is to remain the same, or you're running a version of MIDAS prior to v4, you can skip this step.
To move your MIDAS MySQL database(s) to a new MySQL server you will need to export the database(s) from the current MySQL server, and import them into your new MySQL server.
The easiest way to do this is using a program such as phpMyAdmin which provides an easy way to export/import entire MySQL databases.
Alternatively, you could use the MySQL tool, "mysqldump" to backup your MIDAS MySQL database from your original server, and restore it to your new server.

Step 3: Move your MIDAS files
If your web server is to remain the same, you can skip this step.
You will need to copy all the files (and directories) in your current web server's MIDAS installation over to your new web server.
Please ensure that when copying files across that existing file/folder permissions are maintained.
Note: If the "path to perl" (i.e. the location where Perl is installed) on your new server differs from the location of Perl on your old server, you may need to manually edit the very first line of each .pl file within MIDAS to reflect the new location of Perl on your new server.

Step 4: Update your settings
Use our quick and easy online self service tool to update your MIDAS settings to reflect your new web server and/or MySQL settings.
Your MIDAS is then ready for use on your new server!
Once you're up and running on your new server, please remove all MIDAS files and directories from the previous server. Your license agreement does not permit you to run this software on multiple servers concurrently.

If we currently "remotely host" your MIDAS system in the "cloud" and you wish to transfer to your own server, please contact us for assistance
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