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I can't seem to access the multi-day view feature?

The "multi-day" view is a feature of the software which shows a continuous view of bookings across a 1-14 day period in the booking grid.

This feature is available to users who are permitted to view entire days (midnight-midnight). If your account has been limited to only permit you to view and access a portion of each day - for example, 9am-5pm, then the multi-day view selector will be unavailable to you.

If you have sufficient privileges to "Manage Users & Permissions" you can change the hours you and other users are permitted to view/access through the user permission "Day starts at X and runs for Y hours". Ensure X is set to "00:00" (midnight) and Y is set to "24" in order to be able to use the multi-day view in the booking grid.

If you do not have the necessary privileges to change these settings, please speak to your MIDAS Administrator.
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