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I'm seeing a "404 Not Found" message when trying to access the installer via my browser

If you receive a "Not Found" (404) error when trying to access the MIDAS system installer through your web browser after uploading it to your server/website, then it's likely that you've not entered the correct URL in your web browser (i.e. the URL you've entered in your browser's address bar doesn't resolve to the location on your server where you've placed the "install.pl" installation file)

For example, if you've uploaded/placed the MIDAS system installer on your server at /public_html/midas/install.pl then the correct corresponding URL to this server location is likely to be along the lines of http://yourdomain/midas/install.pl.

However, if you've uploaded/placed the installer to /public_html/midas/install.pl but then enter http://yourdomain/install.pl in your browser, a "404" error will be produced because the URL you've entered does not correspond to the location on your server where the installer for your MIDAS system is located.

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