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Why do I see a 404.17 or a 404.3 "Not Found" error when trying to access the installer via my browser?

If you're attempting to install a self-hosted MIDAS room booking and resource scheduling system on an IIS server and receive one of the following errors when trying to access the installer in your browsers, then this indicates that Perl has not been correctly configured with your IIS server, and therefore your server doesn't know how to correctly handle Perl scripts:If you're running ActivePerl on your Windows IIS Server a simple tool is included with ActivePerl called "ap-iis-config" which can automatically configure IIS for ActivePERL for you. You will find this tool in C:\Perl\Bin (or the location where Perl has been installed on your system)

To run this tool, you will need to open up a command prompt (Start Menu → Run → type "cmd"), navigate to your "Perl\Bin" directory (i.e. by typing "cd\Perl\bin" followed by Enter), and enter the following command:

ap-iis-config.bat add all

This should then add all applicable script mappings for your IIS server to both the root configuration and to the default website.

Once the tool has completed, you will need to restart IIS, after which your server should then correctly handle .pl scripts (such as the MIDAS installer)

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