MIDAS Documentation v4.21

Manage Booking Fields

MIDAS gives you extensive control over the fields that appear on the booking screen, public request/public booking screens, search results, print outs, and email booking confirmation notifications. By default, 8 booking fields are present: Date(s), Times, Venue(s), Attendees, Client, Type, Notes, and Resources. With the exception of the Date(s) and Venue(s) fields, each field can be shown/hidden, and on the booking and request screens also set to be optional or required.

You'll find these settings via MIDAS Admin Options → Manage MIDAS → Fields.

From this screen you can also add your own custom fields to the booking and request screens....

Adding a Custom Booking Field

  • Click/tap the "Add Custom Field" button
  • A small window will open allowing you to specify the following:
  • Field Name - The display name of your new booking field
  • Field Type - The type of custom field you wish to add. Available options include:
    • Checkbox - A "tick box" field
    • File - Allows uploading/attaching of files and documents to bookings
    • List - A drop-down list of pre-defined items
    • Number - A field that will only accept numerical input
    • Range - A "slider" control allowing selection of a numeric value within a defined range
    • Text - A single-line text field
    • Text Area - A multi-line text field
    • URL - A navigable web link to an external resource
  • List Items - If a "list" Field Type is selected, the items in your custom list may be added here
  • Default Value/Item - The default value (or item in case of a list) for the custom field
  • Show Field To - This setting allows you to restrict showing this field to just the user(s) you select, rather than showing it to all users (which is the default)
  • Click/tap "Ok" when done to create your new custom booking field

The "File" Field Type is only available in self-hosted editions of MIDAS [More Info]

Editing a Custom Booking Field

  • Click/tap the icon alongside the field you wish to edit.
  • A small window will open allowing you to modify the custom field (see above for options available in this window)
  • Click/tap "Ok" when done to update your custom booking field.

Removing a Custom Booking Field

  • Click the icon alongside the field you wish to delete.

Default booking fields cannot be deleted. They can however, with the exception of "Date(s)" and "Venue(s)", be "hidden" if they are not required

Renaming or removing a custom booking field will automatically update/remove any associated %CUSTOM..% variable references in your templates

Re-Ordering Booking Fields

  • You can change the order in which fields are shown, via the "Re-order Fields" button.